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Verruca Needling (Surgery)
Hand and Finger Warts

Verrucas and Hand Warts

Many verrucas (also known as warts) spontaneously resolve although some can cause significant discomfort and pain and for this reason treatment is sometimes advised. Also some verrucas are unsightly and treatment in this case may be recommended on aesthetic grounds.

Please note for verruca an initial assessment will normally be required which is a chargeable extra.

What causes verrucas?

Verrucas are caused by the human papilloma virus of which there are many different strains. In common with other viral infections they can sometimes be difficult to treat effectively although the Podiatrist at The Podiatry Clinic is very experienced and can offer treatments not readily available elsewhere.

Verruca needling performed under local anaesthetic (ankle block)
Verruca needling is a relatively new technique in the UK although it has been practised in the USA for many years. Very few Podiatrists in the UK are fully acquainted with this technique although the Podiatrist at the Clinic has successfully performed many of these procedures for over 10 years – often on patients who have tried “everything” including going to their GP and seeing other experienced chiropodists/podiatrists. They are often pleasantly surprised at the lack of discomfort and the speed of resolution of the verrucas after surgery – the post operative pain is often less than cryotherapy.

You will normally need to attend the clinic about 5 days afterwards, 2 weeks after this and then at 4 months. 

How long does the appointment take?

Normally the whole sole of the foot is required to be numbed for which the inside of the ankle is injected with local anaesthetic. From entering and leaving the clinic please allow one hour and 20 minutes which will give time for an unhurried procedure. Please be assured there will be no pain whilst the procedure is being carried out as we take pain control and comfort of the patient very seriously. The procedure is made as pleasant and uneventful as circumstances allow.

Will it be painful afterwards?

It depends on the patient although needling is normally very well tolerated and most patients report less pain compared to cryotherapy / freezing. As the foot is normally injected with long-acting anaesthetic (mepivacaine as well as chirocaine) the foot may be numb for as long as 8-12 hours. Some patients however do experience pain afterwards and for this reason it is recommended to arrange a day of rest or a day of “light duties” after the surgery.

Paracetamol may be recommended to relieve post-operative pain but not aspirin or ibuprofen. Also, as needling involves an injection of local anaesthetic which may last up to 12 hours you will need to arrange transport from the clinic as driving is not recommended immediately afterwards.

Complications of needling

Although carried out with due care the possible complications of any procedure involving injections include infection, bleeding, bruising or an unexpected reaction to the anaesthetic. The exact risks are specific to you and differ for every person although we ensure strict sterile surgical precautions are undertaken to ensure risks are reduced to a minimum. Ask your Podiatrist to explain how these risks apply to you.

Examples of pre and post operation

pre-opp and post-opp.


Verruca needling is available to most patients who have problems with painful or unsightly verrucas subject to an assessment in order to ensure there are no medical or surgical reasons why such a procedure should not be carried out.

Needling costs include all dressings and up to 4 follow-up visits; should there be a requirement a second needling session after 4 months’ duration is offered for a reduced fee.

The technique has been successfully employed on patients not local to the area and travelling long distances. You will need to attend clinic at about two weeks post operation. Please telephone the Podiatrist for this option to discuss further.

If you have had to endure the discomfort of painful or unsightly verrucas pick up the telephone and make an appointment to see the podiatrist or telephone for an informal chat.


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Please note hand warts can also be successfully treated by needling  - the Podiatrist has successfully treated many hand warts over the years using this method.


Dear Graeme

I had a verruca for fourteen years and tried every treatment available from freezing treatments and gel to seeing a nurse who would scrape at it with a scalpel, but all to no avail. Eventually I just wanted it gone, so

I found Graeme Franklin’s website and began to enquire about needling for verruca removal and now less than one month later I am now free of my horrible verruca. I can now walk and jog pain free and most importantly, I can get my feet out on holiday!

The dry needling process was completely painless and Graeme talked me through the whole process. I can’t recommend this treatment highly enough (especially if you’ve had a verruca for a particularly long time!)

Claire Moxen 21 Aug 2013

Dear Graeme

Happy new year! just a quick note to say one of my best decisions of 2014 Was to have my corn removed by you Thank you so much , the relief as you Promised was immediate and I have been feeling the benefits ever since.


Jan 2015

Hi Graeme

This is what I’ve gotten down so far, but feel free to adjust and tweak it.

Around six years ago I noticed A small verruca forming on my right foot, I didn’t think much of it to begin with, I assumed with some verruca cream would rid me of the problem within a few weeks. I then found that it was not working and was actually intensifying and spreading on my foot, I consulted my local GP where I was given a prescription for some creams and acids I could use to rid me of the issue, after going through near enough every lotion and potion the GP had to offer over a long period of time I realised that I could be dealing with the problem for a long time, the next plan of action was a referral to have sessions of cryotherapy, after several sessions nothing changed and it was still slowly gaining mass and spreading on my foot becoming more and more uncomfortable. Feeling like nothing would ever beat the virus and rid me of the verruca. it was around this time I was deciding to change careers and pursue a career within the military but knowing I would not pass the medical.
I started to scour the Internet for options, I then came across Graeme’s podiatry website informing me of different options. I booked a consultation where it was decided that verruca needling would be a good place to start, fast forwarding to the procedure I was skeptical that anything would help me at this point, but after a near painless surgery I found the verrucas to start retreating, with a few follow up sessions to remove any excess and now after a long and uncomfortable journey the verrucas have gone! Healthy skin has formed where the once unsightly verrucas were placed. I cannot thank Graeme enough for what he has done, when nothing worked he was positive his methods would and he was correct. I can now pursue my wishes for a military career thanks to Graeme. I only wish I had found him sooner!

Mr BG, Lead Instructor

Respect4Us, Norwich

September 2015


Hi Graeme,

I am over the moon! I didn't think in my wildest dreams the verrucas would be this good after one operation.


CD, Suffolk

December 2017


"My feet were in such a bad condition I was so scared of summer and getting my feet out. I had tried everything, and it was suggested by my Chiropodist to get dry needling done. I looked at a few places for quotes and Graeme responded straight away, answering all queries sometimes as late as 10pm! He reassured me ll along the way, but always giving me realistic expectations. I felt as relaxed as possible during the procedure and received excellent aftercare, and Graeme was always on the other end of the phone if I had any worries or concerns. 5 months later both feet are fully healed and I now have so much confidence! I cannot thank Graeme and his team enough, they really did improve my quality of life."

Received March 2018



Review with patient in Norwich clinic - Verruca Needling