Podiatry Clinic Tariff

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FREE PARKING at our professional foot clinics.


Podiatry fees, although very competitive, reflect the quality of service, expertise, training and professionalism. We are also accepted by a wide range of medical insurance companies including Aviva, WPA, Simply Health, HSA, Sovereign Health Care and Vitality Health.

With increased costs of new regulations regarding compulsory ongoing training and proper waste disposal, sterilisation, etc, it has become increasingly expensive to practice Podiatric Medicine, so we have had to set fees to take this into account.

Our practices only use sterile medical instruments for your protection and we undertake extensive Continuing Professional Development which is a mandatory requirement.

Please note our routine appointments are generally for a period of up to 40 minutes to allow an unhurried consultation with the exception of nail and verruca surgery which we allow 90 minutes to allow a pain-free and uneventful procedure.

Initial patient appointment - includes assessment, diagnosis and treatment (treatment possible in the time allotted) : from £70   (for an appointment slot of up to 45 minutes)  
Follow-up routine appointments (previous appointment must be within the last 24 months):
from £60  (for an appointment slot of up to 40 minutes)
Extended appointments:
£10 premium may apply
Out of hours appointments (before 8.30am and after 6pm):
£30 supplement 
Routine treatment with local anaesthetic:
from £140
Verruca freezing (cryotherapy) using Cryopen X:
£70 including initial assessment and diagnosis (if areas are very extensive a small supplement may be applied). Follow-up freezing: £70  
Nail surgery package:
(90 minutes allocated to allow a pain-free and relaxed experience)
from £550 for 1 toenail (includes all dressings, antibiotics if required, letter to GP and patient and up to 4 follow-up visits). For more complex cases a premium may be applied.
from £659 for 2 toenails.
For more complex cases a premium may be applied.
For surgery at Norwich Clinic please add £30.
Verruca surgery package:
from £550 for one foot (includes all dressings, antibiotics if required and up to 4 follow-up visits). If required re-needling after 4-5 months: reduced fee of £350.
For more complex cases a premium may be applied.
For surgery at Norwich Clinic please add £30.
From £650 for both feet (if possible in one visit).
from just £95 per injection
Ostenil Plus:
from just £350 per injection
Home visits: 
from £100 per hour including travel time (minimum fee £95)
Bespoke orthotics:
£400 a pair
All bespoke orthotics are guaranteed against breakage. Consultations and re-adjustments within the first 4 months after fitting are completely free of charge. There is an additional 3D scanning fee of £100 applied to the above price. Please note that custom orthotics are bespoke items and are returnable only for adjustment.
Letter to GP or Consultant:
Signed Order to obtain antibiotics and prescription painkillers from Pharmacy:
To supply antibiotics in Clinic:
from £30
Steroid injections:
from £200

Please note we require a minimum of 24 hours notice for all cancellations so that we can allocate the time to someone else.

Please note for all new patients a deposit is required for the first appointment, the appointment time and date may be changed subject to availability (48 hours notice is required to change). Deposits are refundable for routine treatment if 14 working days notice is given.

As with most other practices we very much regret that we have to apply a late cancellation or missed appointment charge to cover staff and overhead costs. We trust you will understand our policy and thank you for your cooperation.