Prolotherapy is an innovative injection technique developed by Hackett in the USA effective in treating many soft tissue injuries. It is an elegant refinement of the centuries-old sclerotherapy which produced scar tissue to stabilise joints and relieve pain.

What can prolotherapy be used for?

Osteoarthritis, painful knees, Achilles tendon pain, ankle pain, heel and foot pain, Morton’s neuroma, to pain including painful bunions.

What does it involve?
Prolotherapy involves injection of local anaesthetic and medical grade
glucose (sugar) solution into joint spaces and soft tissues. Sometimes this is combined with injection of homeopathic agents (ultra low dose biological agents). Typically the injections may be repeated 2 or 3 times at 3 weekly intervals

Is it safe?

Prolotherapy is extremely safe. In a study published in the Journal of
Orthopaedic Medicine out of half a million procedures the major
complications were due to allergic reactions (less than 0.005 percent).

How long does prolotherapy take?

For knees, ankles and toes please allow about 50 minutes for the procedure. For heels and the sole of the foot a tibial nerve block is required which takes an additional 20 minutes to take full effect.
This allows sufficient time to allow an unhurried and uneventful procedure.

Will it be painful afterwards?

Some patients may experience slight discomfort after the anaesthetic has worn off (after 2-3 hours). If this occurs, routine doses of your usual painkiller are normally sufficient to reduce the discomfort (not aspirin or Brufen).
It is advisable to arrange transport from the clinic as driving is not
recommended for several hours afterwards. This is especially so if the whole foot has been numbed. Occasionally patients experience of a temporary flare of the original condition although this should only last 1-2 days.

Ostenil Plus Injections / Viscosupplementation Injections

The clinic also offers Ostenil Plus injections for osteoarthritis of the
knees, ankle joints and big toes. Ostenil Plus is a natural lubricant and
shock absorber already present in joints. In this case we simply top up the levels. The procedure typically takes about 50 minutes which will also include injecting local anaesthetic.

Ostenil Plus injection:

Corticosteroid Injections:
Ideal for painful heels, interdigital neuritis (Morton’s neuroma),
capsulitis and metatarsalgia (pain in the ball of the foot). Full assessment is required for corticosteroid injections and other treatment options may have to be tried before offering this treatment).

Note for knee injections we strongly recommend initial diagnosis by X-ray and /or MRI.

Our Assurance

We would like to assure you all injection therapies at The Clinic at BWell use local anaesthetic and so make the procedures as painless as possible. The strictest standards of hygiene and sterilisation of any instruments are observed. The injection therapies are extremely safe. However, in order to make an informed decision and give your consent, you need to be aware of the possible side-effects and the risk of complications of this procedure.


This is when problems occur during or after the procedure. Most people are not affected. The possible complications of any procedure involving injections include infection, bleeding, bruising or an unexpected reaction to the anaesthetic.

The exact risks are specific to you and differ for every person. Ask your podiatrist to explain how these risks apply to you.

Injection Therapy is available to most patients who have problems with painful knees, ankles, feet and toes, subject to an assessment in order to ensure there are no medical or surgical reasons why such a procedure should not be carried out.

Prolotherapy costs from £95 per injection.
Ostenil Plus injections costs from £350 although pain relief is expected to last much longer.
If you have had to endure the discomfort of painful knees or other joints of the foot then pick up the telephone and make an appointment to see the podiatrist or telephone for an informal chat.


After a number of appointments with my GP in an attempt to treat osteo-arthritis in my knees unsuccessfully, I made an appointment with Graeme Franklin who treated my knees with injections and after the initial discomfort from the needles for about 24 hours,I was completely pain free and have remained so for about 18 months.
Yours faithfully,
Paul Capon.
November 2013

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