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Nail Surgery

In certain circumstances, despite conservative treatment, some toenails may require to be removed.

Podiatrists are specialists and have developed highly successful techniques to treat all types of painful nail conditions — from nails which have become infected and septic to nails which are painful or troublesome due to their abnormal shape. The method used in The Clinic at BWell is the same as that employed by Bostanci et al in 2001 who reported a success rate of 98.8%.

Our Assurance

We would like to assure you that the techniques we use, using local anaesthetic, make the procedure as painless as possible. The strictest standards of hygiene and sterilisation of instruments are observed.

How will the toenail be removed?

There are three stages to the operation:
1. You will be given an injection of local anaesthetic which will make your toe numb.
2. Once the toe is numb, the podiatrist will then remove either all or part of the nail, and will use a chemical to destroy the exposed nail bed. This normally ensures that the nail will not grow in again.
3. A dressing will then be applied to the toe and you will be able to walk normally although you are advised not to drive whilst the toe is numb.
The operation takes about one hour (from entering the clinic and leaving). This allows sufficient time to allow an unhurried and uneventful procedure.

Will it be painful afterwards?

Some patients may experience slight discomfort after the anaesthetic has worn off. If this occurs, routine doses of your usual painkiller are normally sufficient to reduce the discomfort. It is advisable to bring loose fitting or open-toed footwear with you on the day of the procedure.

What are the risks?

The operation for removing an ingrown toenail is commonly performed and generally safe. However, in order to make an informed decision and give your consent, you need to be aware of the possible side-effects and the risk of complications of this procedure.

These are the unwanted, but mostly temporary effects of a successful procedure. Your toe will feel sore, stiff and swollen for several days afterwards. Your nail bed may weep and look greyish for a few weeks after phenol treatment.


This is when problems occur during or after the operation. Most people are not affected. The possible complications of any operation include infection, excessive bleeding or an unexpected reaction to the anaesthetic.

Complications specific to this operation are rare. It’s possible for an ingrown toenail to re-occur. This is more likely if the nail cells are left in place.

The exact risks are specific to you and differ for every person. Ask your podiatrist to explain how these risks apply to you.


This treatment is available to all patients who have problems with painful toenails subject to an assessment in order to ensure there are no medical or surgical reasons why such a procedure should not be carried out. The practice has carried out many successful procedures so you know you are in safe hands. Also as the Podiatrist is qualified in Prescription Only Medicines then antibiotic cover may be easily arranged if required (rather than visit your GP) so we offer a “one-stop” shop for your convenience.

The procedure costs from £500 for routine cases and includes all dressings and up to 4 follow-up visits – for more complex cases a premium may apply. In the unlikely event of painful nail re-growth the procedure can be repeated for a nominal fee of £350 (to cover cost of anaesthetics, sterile dressings and a Surgical Assistant). If antibiotics are required these will be provided either free of charge or via a Signed Order (only applies to specific antibiotics).

The Podiatrist is very experienced in this technique and has succeeded where the GP and local hospital has failed!

If you have had to endure the discomfort and inconvenience of an ingrowing toenail or a recurrently painful involuted toenail then pick up the telephone and make an appointment to see an expert for a permanent solution.

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Hi Graeme, Sorry for extremely late testimonial, I have had major problems with my e-mail. I hope this is ok, Helen Johnson.

I attended The Podiatry Clinic after suffering from an extremely painful ingrown toenail.

From my first visit Graeme was extremely professional and informative. I underwent a partial nail avulsion which was totally pain free and undertaken with extreme care and precision. I then received 4 after care appointments and the outcome has been completely successful.

I would have no hesitations in recommending Graeme in the future.

Helen Johnson

November 2013

After suffering for some months from an ingrown toenail, I attended an appointment with Graeme Franklin at The Clinic for an initial consultation. I left with all the information I needed to proceed with another appointment for a partial nail removal.

The operation was painless, the result a lot better than I expected and the aftercare exceptional.

I would have no hesitation in returning for other treatment should the need arise.

Many thanks, Jane Parker

April 2015

Dear Graeme,

Thank you for treating my very painful ingrowing toenail.

I saw Graeme with an extremely painful ingrowing toenail. It was previously treated by my own doctor and also at the local hospital but it still grew back and became extremely painful again.

Luckily I was then treated by Graeme. The local anaesthetic injections were not very painful at all and I felt no pain whatsoever during the operation. And now the toe is totally painless even 6 months after the operation – the operation was a complete success.

Thank you,

Mr PS.

Gorleston, July 2015


“My husband and I have completed foot treatment by Graeme at his Norwich Clinic. Both have been successful.

My husband had a long standing stubborn verruca, that defied various treatments elsewhere. It took a few visit to Graeme to rectify the issue. After many years of a very painful foot, he can now walk unheeded.

I had ingrowing toenail removal to both toes. This too has been successful and much less painful to have done than I thought. Now they have healed it’s wonderful to be able to wear nice shoes again and be comfortable…

I would have no hesitation recommending Graeme for any aspect of foot care. He is meticulous in all that he does, and hygiene standards are first class…”

Mr and Mrs C, Ipswich, July 2017


"Dear Mr Franklin,

I wanted to thank you for the excellent care you have provided me since I started attending your podiatry clinic a few months ago. Not only are you clearly very compassionate and patient-centred, you always take the time to explain your assessment and treatment options. I never feel any appointment is rushed or that anything is too much trouble - even when you clearly have a full list such as the pre-Christmas period!

My recent visit only brought home your deft injection technique, your calm manner and your attention to detail. Your care of my diabetic feet has made a tangible positive improvement to my quality of life. I can see why your online reviews by other patients under your care speak so highly of you and the clinical care you provide.

I hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas and my feet and I look forward to my next appointment in the New Year.

Yours gratefully,

Dr T, Norfolk, December 2017"